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Who We Are

TheoremReach is a platform connecting real audiences with the market research community through rewarded surveys.

Our goal

We believe mobile is the future of research

TheoremReach is the leading survey monetization company in the digital space. We provide user insight and monetization services for app developers and website owners. Market researchers rely on us to provide an audience of users to take surveys; app developers and website owners rely on us to monetize their users with these surveys, and users depend on us to get free virtual currency in their favorite apps and games.

Our mission is to make every voice matter and we aim to delight users with a rewarding survey experience. We believe in constant, iterative innovation – constantly dreaming, testing, optimizing, and launching new concepts and products to push the boundaries of both the digital media and research industries. The core values that drive us are creativity, accountability, an analytical mindset, and a focus on the user.

We love users

We believe that an exceptional user experience is key to success. When users can complete surveys quickly and easily and feel properly rewarded for their time we believe they are more readily willing to share honest information which is the goal of any market research campaign.

Committed to product and tech innovation

We are technologists with an eye towards good product design and future trends. We ensure our experience is mobile first, easy to implement, and just works. We have an excellent support team working around the clock to keep users happy.

We want to evolve the online sampling industry.

Market research has been around for a while but hasn’t always stayed up to speed with technology innovation. We want to change that and make taking surveys as fun as possible. We’re always trying new things and pushing for standards to make surveys better for users, reward them more for their time spent (not just whether they complete or not), and help the market research space connect intelligently with respondents.

Careers at TheoremReach

We’re Always Looking For New Talent! Get in touch with us on our contact form or find us on LinkedIn!

Current Openings